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Low Male Libido

Libido is a synonym for the sexual drive, the term comes from the Latin word ‘libidinous’ which means lust, or a person with excessive sexual desire. Libido was first brought into usage by Freud made the term popular and expressed sexual desire as a ‘hunger’ just as we crave food, so do we crave sex and how much we do, is dependent on the strength of our libido. The male libido defined as male sexual desire and it can rise and fall throughout a mans life; normally libido peaks in the teens to mid-twenties age group and then steadily declines as a man ages and next we will look at the causes of low male libido.

The causes of low male libido can be psychological and/or physical.

The psychological factors that enter in to the male libido can result from such psychological causes as – low self esteem depression, stress, fatigue, being sexually abused as a child, sexual assault etc. The physical factor that affect male libido are related to illness and lifestyle.

Serious illnesses can of course cause low libido but for most men who appear in normal health without illness, loss of libido is most often due to inputs into the body.

A man who smokes, takes drugs or drinks heavily is abusing his body in terms of libido, as all these taken to excess, will see sexual desire fall. On the other hand, the normal changes with aging can cause libido to drop as testosterone levels fall, blood flow to the penis decreases, as blood flow becomes sluggish and nitric oxide (the chemical which lets blood into the penis) levels fall.

Some men stay sexually active into their seventies, while other men see their libido disappear in their thirties and this on most occasions, this is down to lifestyle and the foods they put in their body. A healthy diet combined with some libido herbs, to increase blood flow, testosterone and nitric oxide secretion can keep libido strong, or if it is low increase it and it's never to late to rejuvenate your libido.

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