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Best Aphrodisiac

So what is the best aphrodisiac of all? The answer is there is no best single aphrodisiac but there are some that are very popular and there popular - because they work. First though lets look at some substances which many people believe are aphrodisiacs - but there not at all.

Substances which Are Not Aphrodisiacs

Some substances such as alcoholic drinks, cannabis, cocaine and other recreational drugs can in some instances increase libido and improve pleasure from orgasm.

However these substances are not aphrodisiacs, as there effect is temporary (and only in some people not all) and don't consistently produce aphrodisiac effects on the body long term, in fact in many men (especially those who are older) they can reduce libido and even cause erection problems.

Synthetic erectile dysfunction pills such as Ciallis and Viagra, are not aphrodisiacs because they do do not increase libido. They only get men hard erections and there is no change in levels of sexual desire and there effect on erections is only for a limited period of time.

Best Aphrodisiacs

There is no such think as a best aphrodisiac but below, you will find a combination which are all essential libido enhancers for men and can be found in all the best libido pills.

To increase sexual desire, you need to have high levels of testosterone and the best herbs to increase levels fast are – Horny Goat Weed, Ginseng, Tribulus and Tonkgat Ali. When testosterone levels are high, its a well known fact that libido is improved and sexual stamina is increased.

Other herbs which increase energy and sexual desire are - Maca which optimizes gland efficiency, Catuaba Bark which acts as an overall body and mind tonic, Ginkgo Biloba which reduces stress, boosts libido and has nutrients to help prolong and make orgasms more pleasurable.

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