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An aphrodisiac is defined as any substance which increases libido long term and the name comes from ancient Greek mythology, where Aphrodite was the ancient goddess of love and sexuality.

Aphrodisiacs the Western View

However, many view aphrodisiacs and there effects with scepticism and that many so called aphrodisiacs have become so, simply because users belief them to be effective which is of course known as the placebo effect. Western medicine generally concludes that there is no evidence to show that many so called sexual enhancers work.

Aphrodisiacs The Eastern View and why they Work

While many in conventional medicine are sceptical about these sex enhancers, in many societies such as China, the use of diet and herbs to increase sexual desire has been practised for centuries treating billions of people, helping them to achieve better sexual health. The reason why they work is obvious - you are what you eat!

If you feed your body the right foods, you can improve overall levels of wellness. Because sexual health is linked to general wellness, by achieving better overall health, you can also increase libido and improve sexual performance at the same time.

How Aphrodisiacs Work

In terms of sexual health, you need to have strong blood flow to and into the penis to get a hard erection and you also need lots of energy which increases libido and sexual staying power. There are several well known aphrodisiacs which can help you improve blood flow to the penis and boost and libido. Now lets look at some well are known foods and herbs and there effect on your general and sexual health.

Well known Aphrodisiacs

Below you will find some examples of some herbs foods and an amino acid which are all proven to increase sexual desire and improve staying power

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