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Aphrodisiacs for Men

Men and women can both take aphrodisiacs and some work for both sexes and others work better for individual sexes and here we will concentrate on looking at the best aphrodisiacs for men in terms of foods, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and herbs.

Increase Blood Flow to the Penis

In terms of an essential non amino acid which all men L Arginine is the best single supplement for increasing blood flow into the penis to make it hard.

The reason for this is it enhances nitric oxide secretion which is the substance which relaxes and opens the blood vessels of the penis wider, so more blood can flow in and make it hard. Nitric oxide is essential for any erection and you can also take the herbs – Horny Goat Weed and Ginseng to enhance levels in the body.

Boost Sex Drive and Sexual Energy

If you want to boost sex drive and last longer in bed the best aphrodisiacs for men will be able to boost testosterone which is the key male sex hormone and good choices are – Horny Goat Weed, Tribulus, Tonkgat Ali and Ginseng.

In addition to boosting testosterone both Ginseng and Tonkgat Ali will also help to keep sperm and semen healthy. In terms of testosterone production and sperm health, you also need to take zinc. The zinc content of the prostate gland and sperm is higher than in any other body tissues and not only does it help to produce testosterone, it also plays a vital role in maintaining healthy semen volume.

All Round Vitality and Mind Tonics

There are a number of Aphrodisiacs which act as general mind and body tonics and two of the best are Maca and Catuaba bark which are from South America and are known to improve overall vitality and improve mood.

Best Foods for Male Libido

What you need to do is avoid processed and eat as naturally from the earth as possible, your diet should include all these foods which are proven to increase libido:

Oily fish, liver, steak, eggs, onions, bannana's and plenty of fresh fruit such as cherries and berries. Three great spices to use in cooking are Ginger, garlic and chillies

Be Sensible!

You don't have to live like a monk - but you should make sure your diet is generally healthy and includes, the foods above at least three times a week and if you add the male aphrodisiac herbs which you will find in the best herbal sex pills – you will enjoy better sexual health and wellness.

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