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Aphrodisiac Foods

An aphrodisiac food is one which acts on the mind and causes an increase in sexual desire or libido. The name aphrodisiac comes from Greek mythology where Aphrodite was known as the goddess of love.

You are of course what you eat and its a well known fact that there are aphrodisiac foods which can boost libido by reducing stress levels, increasing energy levels, influencing chemical activity within the brain, boosting sex hormones and finally, increasing blood flow to the penis. The fact is your sex health is closely linked to your overall health levels and by taking Aphrodisiac foods, you also improve your overall levels of health as well as your sexual health.

Here are a list of the best aphrodisiac foods


Ginger, Chilli Basil and Garlic – take these spices and you will increase blood flow to the penis and all around the body for increased sex drive and harder erections and also strengthen your immune system and improve heart health at the same time.

Oily Fish and Oysters

Oily fish is perhaps the best food you can take for better sexual health. Rich in zinc which is needed for testosterone production and sperm health as well as omega 3 which increases sexual desire and is needed for overall health. In addition, fish is packed with b vitamins needed for sex drive and lots of protein for energy – good choices are mackerel, salmon, sardines, herring and tuna.


This fruit is high in concentrations of B vitamins, potassium and magnesium. The male libido is affected by the minerals and bromeliad enzymes which work to stimulate sexual desire.


Eggs are packed with vitamins B6 and B5, these vitamins help to balance men's hormone levels and fight stress, to ensure a healthy sex drive.


Onion contain phytochemical allicin which helps to thin the blood and boosts blood circulation all around the body and to the genitals and also helps to keep the blood vessels healthy.

Cherries and Berries and Brightly Coloured Fruit

Cherries and berries contain anthocyanins which are colourful plant chemicals which protect the artery walls, helping to prevent fatty plaque build up so blood can move freely all around the body and to the penis. Any brightly coloured fruit is a good and you can also take peaches, nectarines and plums as alternatives

More Aphrodisiac Foods

The above are popular and proven aphrodisiac foods and if you take them, sex drive increases and overall wellness is boosted at the same time. If you want to see some more libido foods click here

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